About Us

About Us 
Blythe and Grace were first introduced by their husbands who just knew they would get along splendidly, and they were not wrong! Just as quickly as the friendship grew so did their big ideas! The following years lead to the girls sharing an office in the beautiful "South of Broad" area of Charleston, SC. Surrounded by historic homes and charming inspirations, they exchanged ideas and dreams across the hall as they both ran their own companies, an event planning firm and interior design studio. Over the next several years, they collaborated on over the top dinner parties, intimate supper clubs, and editorial photoshoots; one of which was featured in Veranda. All the while, there was one dream that stayed in the back of their minds... bringing the ultimate at home entertaining experience to everyone! Their goal was to create an inspiring space where all of the fabulous items they use to make their parties so special were accessible, while also sharing their advice for throwing an amazing party! The girls set out on the hunt for their favorite entertaining pieces and from that their dream evolved into creating a line of custom designs that perfectly embodies their lively style. 
Get to know Grace...
Grace is an interior designer who runs her eponymous studio out of Charleston, SC. She is known for her use of bold color and patterns to create a whimsical spin on traditional southern interiors. Grace is a graduate of Auburn University and often finds herself inspired by classic architecture and fashion through the decades. From her childhood, Grace has always excelled in creative situations and is looking forward to this new outlet. She believes that every good party playlist should include "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5 and never turns down a really cold glass of champagne. When Grace is not working, she can be found flipping through old magazines and coffee table books, exploring the Lowcountry with her family and trying her best to develop her mother's green thumb. 
Get to know Blythe...
Blythe has immersed herself in the exciting world of events for over a decade. Founder of Hill and Co. Creative, Blythe has helped hundreds of brides exceed their expectations of their perfect day with timeless twists and exciting surprises for their guests.  A graduate of The Culinary Institute of Charleston and a South Carolina native, Blythe is a southern girl through and through. She has a knack for making sure an event runs smoothly and is looking forward to sharing her tricks of the trade! You can always count on Blythe showing up with a pitcher of spicy margaritas for her friends and she is known to appreciate a good hair do! On the weekends, you will find Blythe spending time with her husband and daughter on the Intercoastal, visiting the mountains, or teaching at Sunday School.